Paul Revere's deposition, fair copy, circa 1775

Paul Revere`s deposition, fair copy, circa 1775


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    [ This description is from the project: Coming of the American Revolution ]

    This deposition prepared by Paul Revere at the request of the Massachusetts Provincial Congress, contains an account of his ride to Lexington. To prove that the British had fired the first shot at Lexington Green, the Congress solicited depositions like this from eyewitnesses in 1775.

    Testimony of the Midnight Rider

    Whig printers, some of whom have smuggled their presses out of Boston, publish accounts of the 19 April events at Lexington and Concord in the next few days. Within four days of the battles, the Provincial Congress authorizes justices of the peace to record eyewitness depositions. Bystanders, militiamen, alarm riders, and even British soldiers taken prisoner are asked to testify. The British, the colonists are convinced and the King should know, prompted the aggression. To carry their point, though, the Congress must discover exactly who fired the first shot that fateful morning on Lexington Green.

    Questions to Consider

    1. Who sends Revere on his ride to Concord? What is Revere's task?

    2. What happens to Revere during his ride to Concord (after he's visited Lexington)? Write a brief description of his activities.

    3. According to Revere, who fires the first shot on Lexington Green?

    Further Exploration

    4. Although Paul Revere is most famous for his midnight ride, he is actually a man of many talents. Research Revere's life and write a brief description of some of his other accomplishments.