"Boston, March 14. His Majesty Oknookortunkogog King of the Narraganset Tribe ..."

Boston, March 14. His Majesty Oknookortunkogog King of the Narraganset Tribe ...
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[ This description is from the project: Coming of the American Revolution ]

This article from the Boston-Gazette, and Country Journal, using facetious Native American names, describes the destruction of the tea carried by the ship Fortune in March 1774. This smaller demonstration echoed and reaffirmed the events of the Boston Tea Party in 1773.

Destroying the Tea -- Again

The resolve of Boston's patriots is tested once more in March 1774. The Fortune enters Boston Harbor, its owner unaware that the brig carries 28.5 chests of tea destined for some independent merchants but subject to the Townshend duty nonetheless. Although the Fortune's owners are eager for the brig and its cargo to return to London, customs collector Richard Harrison once again refuses to grant permission for the vessel to depart.

To examine all four pages of this newspaper, please see the online display of The Boston-Gazette and Country Journal, 14 March 1774.

Questions to Consider

1. The author of this news report is playful. How does he twist facts? Why does he do so?

2. The report ends on a hopeful note. What is its message?

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