"New-York, December 6, 1773. Whereas our nation ..."

New-York, December 6, 1773. Whereas our nation ...
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[ This description is from the project: Coming of the American Revolution ]

This anonymous column, written from New York by a group identified only as "The Mohawks" and printed in the December 1773 issue of the Massachusetts Gazette; and the Boston Post-Boy and Advertiser, threatens violence toward any individual or merchant who would violate non-importation and non-consumption.

In the waning weeks of 1773, colonial newspapers were filled with talk of the despised East India tea and of Parliament's treachery. The newspapers also communicated threats. Anyone thinking he might profit from the tea or help in its landing should think again. In New York and in Philadelphia groups were poised to exact vengeance.

To examine all four pages of this newspaper, please see the online display of The Massachusetts Gazette; and the Boston Post-Boy and Advertiser , 13 December 1773.

Questions to Consider

1. How do the New York avengers identify themselves? How do the Philadelphia avengers identify themselves?

2. Who were the objects of the New York threats? Why? Who were the objects of the Philadelphia threats? Why?

3. Look at the date of the New York threat and the date of the Boston Gazette carrying it. Do you see any relation between this report and the events in Boston forthcoming on 16 December?

4. Why were the merchants in Philadelphia opposed to the landing of the East India tea?