"Thursday, June 30. Boston. Whereas scruples have arisen ..."

Thursday, June 30. Boston. Whereas scruples have arisen ...
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[ This description is from the project: Coming of the American Revolution ]

A report of a Braintree town meeting at which the citizens agreed to boycott all British goods until Parliament rescinded the Coercive Acts and reopened the port of Boston for trade.

At a Town Meeting in Braintree

The Solemn League and Covenant proposed by the Boston Committee of Correspondence is soon a topic of the debate throughout the province of Massachusetts. Town meetings across the colony discuss the consequences of following Boston’s example and boycotting British goods. Residents of Braintree and Charlton make their opinions on the matter of a boycott quite clear.

To examine all four pages of this newspaper, please see the online display of the Massachusetts Spy Or, Thomas's Boston Journal, 30 June 1774.

Questions to Consider

1. What do the citizens of Braintree agree upon? How are those who did not sign the document perceived? Why?

2. How are clergymen involved in political events in Virginia and Philadelphia? Why would this be justified? Why might the people of Massachusetts consider censuring the clergy from preaching about public affairs?

3. In Philadelphia, what is the assumption about a trade embargo in that city?

4. What are the relief efforts being considered in Philadelphia? How will this effort unify the colonists?

5. List the reasons why ending trade with Great Britain would be beneficial for the colonists.

6. Why might "a few individuals" in Charlton (or any town) refuse to sign the covenant?

Further Exploration

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