William Cheever diary, 1775-1776

William Cheever diary, 1775-1776


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    [ This description is from the project: Siege of Boston ]

    This brief diary kept by William Cheever in Boston from 19 May 1775 --17 March 1776 contains remarks on skirmishes between British and American troops, the food shortage, and the evacuation of the British. Diary entries make mention of many events that occurred in numerous locations: Noddles Island, Thompson Island, Charlestown, lighthouse on Little Brewster Island, Thatcher's Island, Gardner's Island, Fisher's Island, Bunker's Hill, Prospect Hill, West Hill, Roxbury, West Meeting House, Cambridge, Quebec. Cheever's diary also mentions the troubles of Henry Williams, and the imprisonment of James Lovell, John Leach, and John Gill.