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"I really think this Letter would make a curious figure if it should fall into the Hands of any person but yourself-and pray if it comes safe to you, burn it."
Abigail Adams, Letter to John Adams, 17 April 1777
From Adams Family Papers, Massachusetts Historical Society.

The Adams Family Papers: An Electronic Archive presents images and transcriptions of selected documents from the most important manuscript collection held by the Massachusetts Historical Society. Visitors to this website might be interested in the following web pages created by the Massachusetts Historical Society:

Adams Papers Editorial Project

Scholarly editions of the works of John Adams and his family are the responsibility of the Adams Papers Editorial Project, a group of professional documentary editors. Since it was founded in 1954, the Adams Papers Editorial Project has been located at the Massachusetts Historical Society. For more information please refer to the website of the Adams Papers Editorial Project, part of the Massachusetts Historical Society's web page. To see a list of volumes that have been published by Harvard University Press, please examine the Volumes Published section of the Adams Papers Editorial Project website. Other features of the Adams Papers Editorial Project website include a list of recommended books about the Adams family, a timeline, biographical sketches, genealogy, and selected quotations.

John Quincy Adams: One President's Adolescence

This website presents a document-based directed study about John Quincy Adams, the eldest son of John and Abigail Adams. Ten lessons are presented featuring documents, transcriptions, and questions. John Quincy Adams: One President's Adolescence

Manuscript collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society

In addition to the significant manuscript collection, the Adams Family Papers, the Massachusetts Historical Society owns many important and interesting collections. Please consult the overview to the manuscript collections and ABIGAIL, the online catalog, for additional information.

Other suggested websites:

Adams National Historic Park

The Adams National Historic Park is comprised of several buildings relating to the Adams family including John Adams's birthplace, John Quincy Adams's birthplace, and the "Old House." The historical site is located in Quincy, Massachusetts, and maintained by the National Park Service.

American Antiquarian Society

The American Antiquarian Society owns a collection containing over 200 letters written by Abigail Adams sent to her sister and niece. For additional information please visit the web page of the American Antiquarian Society, select the link to "Search the Catalog," and search for "Adams, Abigail."

National Gallery of Art

The National Gallery of Art owns oil portraits of John Adams and Abigail Adams painted by Gilbert Stuart. The online tour of Gilbert Stuart's paintings includes links to Stuart's portrait of Abigail Adams and Stuart's portrait of John Adams.