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Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, 10 November 1789

My Dearest Friend

Tis more than a month since you left Home, and except the few lines from Fairfield, I have not received a single Letter from you. I have written to you every week, and should have been very happy to have learnt from your own Hand that you was benefited by your journey and that you was conveniently accommodated. I get only one Boston paper, so that I am in the dark with regard to the politicks of Massa. save what is retaild here.

Mr. Jay received Letters from Mr. Jefferson yesterday dated 5 August. He had not then received his Letters of recall. He is writesvery cautious with regard to the State of France, says that the disturbances had subsided in a great measure.

The Marshal is gone to serve a writt this morning upon a captain of a vessel who has defrauded the customs. It is the first which has been issued and it runs in the Name of the People. He thinks that there is a difficulty arising with respect to the prisons. A marshal is obliged to give Bonds and committ his prisoner to the Jails of the State and into the custody of officers over whom the Federal court has no control, who will bear him harmless if the prisoner excapes?

The weather is remarkably fine. I have got the chief of my our winter wood, but at a most terrible price the oak cost 326 pr cord, and walnut 50.

It shall be the last time that I will be so taken in by dependance upon others. The Carman found he could not make money enough by getting it, and so would not stand to his agreement. If Barnard is not saild pray tell Brisler to Buy me 30 or 40 dozen of Eggs and put on Board. They have got them up to 1/6 pr dozen. Butter a shilling pr pound by the firkin. It really would have been worth while to have brought our vegetables in Boston. Potatoes particularly for they are at 9 shilling a Bushel by the Quantity, turnips at 1/6. Malt is an other article, that I should have been glad to have had 6 Bushel of, but I fear I am too late for Barnard.

We are all well. Mrs. Washington and Family dined with me last Saturday together with General and Mrs. Knox and Mrs. Green.

Duty and Love where due pray write to by the Next post to your ever affectionate

A Adams

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