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Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, 7 December 1793

My dearest Friend

Mrs. Otis has courage to  [illegible join You. If my duty calld me, I presume I should not be wanting, and feel less anxiety for myself perhaps than I do now, for those of my Friends who have become inhabitants of a city so recently relieved from pestilence.

I was dissapointed in Mrs. Otis's not passing a Week with me before She set out, but I received a letter from her this Evening informing me that She sits of on Monday morning, I have received only one Letter from you as yet. We have had a [severe] snow storm this week which blockd up some of our narrow [lanes]. The ground has been so frozen since you left me that tho our people have removed the Stones; Faxon has not been able to plough. I have seen Porter: but he quiddles so, and his wife sees so many Lions in the way that I doubt whether we shall ever come to an agreement. The sum I offerd it seems does not content her, and is not so good she says, as what Mr. Black gives. At last I told Porter that if there must be so much difficulty, I would persuaid you to stock that place with Young cattle and keep the dairy alltogether at the other place, and there the matter rests. If Humphries does not incline to go on, I will send for Shaw and make terms with him if I can.

Dr. Tufts proposes as soon as the first Month expires to take up the Note and pay a Quarter part of the principal, and upon the second Month to apply the interest

of the Notes in his hands together with some which he has of his own and pay of an other quarter. I mention this to you that you may know early his intention. I have paid some Bills and make a purchase of one Hog, Wt. 4 score and half and am in treaty for a Cow, Beals did not bring down any Stock, Captain Beals has advertizd all his for sale at Squantum together with his Hay, I will forward you my mem. of expenditures Monthly, I have not Yet got Pratts account. When the Season will permit shall go on to execute Your direction with as much accuracy as possible.

Affectionatly Yours,
A Adams

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