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Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, 30 November 1794

My Dearest Friend

I have to acknowledg the receipt of several Letters from you, together with Demauriers Memoirs; for which accept my thanks; I wish to hear from you, and to learn something of the Buisy World as often as your Time will permit, but in return I have only to relate to you the small occurrencies which my Family and Farm afford. Not a Son to visit me now, and enliven by his presence once a week or fortnight, a long Winter Evening, and to detail to me what is passing in the more active Scenes of Life. Mary is gone home, and Julias sportive Gambols are the enliveness of some solitary moments when unoccupied with the cares of my Family; and feeling anxious to hear from my Children. I have just finishd a Letter to each of them to go by Captain Scott. I hope you will write to them as I see several vessels up to go from Philadelphia.

The business of the week past, has been plowing, casting sea weed and stones. Two of my Hands will leave me in the course of the present week as their time expires. They have been very usefull in going with the Scow for sea weed. The Weather now grows too Boisterous to make further use of it, this Season. I am in hopes if the Season permitts to compleat filling the Yards from the Shore, but I have made no provision for my fireside yet, but from day to day. I have been so desirious to improve all the open weather for the other business.

Mr. Pratt has informd Mr. Cranch that he means to sell his pew. He bid it of at 42 pounds. He laid out in

finishing it between 4 & 5 pounds. He would sell it for 46. Mr. Cranch desird me to let you know it. He will not part with it till he hears from you.

Dr. Tufts desires me to get Mr Brisler to inquire the price of clover Seed.

The President Speach I hear is come. I have not seen it. The weather is was bad yesterday, and my Neighbours did not get their paper.

Adieu, most affectionately Yours,
Abigail Adams

Just as I was folding my letter, to close it, yours of the 19 Novbr. [John to Abigail, 19 November 1794] was brought me. I know our feelings are often in unison, and I fear you would think me in low spirits. My spirits tho some times low, from particular causes, are generally on a uniform key. I am sorry you are deprived of Mrs. Otis and Familys Society. I know it amused you. Three Months will soon slide away when I hope we shall meet again. I shall inclose the Presidents speech to our Son. Thanks for the Book.

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Original manuscript: Adams, Abigail. Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, 30 November 1794. 3 pages. Original manuscript from the Adams Family Papers, Massachusetts Historical Society.
Source of transcription: Adams Papers Editorial Project. Unverified transcription.
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