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Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, 10 June 1795

My dearest Friend

I yesterday received Yours of June 6th, and am happy to learn that there was like to be, no delay from the absence of Senators. I wish and hope that there may be no unnecessary cavils respecting the Treaty. Mr. Beauman came here last fryday. Said he met You at Prince Town on thursday. Told us Mr. Franchett was going to present a Memorial againt the Treaty. Perhaps Adets arrival may prove a fortunate circumstance. Mr. Jays Election seems to give great satisfaction here. I received a Letter Yesterday from Lousa Louisa of June 11th. She says the news of Mr. Jays arrival was received in Boston with General Joy, desires me to tell her uncle that every thing respecting the Farm went on with great Harmony and allacrity and that it would do his Heart good to see his Farm. She tarried a Week after we left home.

Mrs. Smith send duty to You. Poor little John has got the Ague and fever to a great degree. I am at present much better in my Health for my Journey. I avoid the Evening air, and take Baths

and drink porter and water as an Antidote to the Ague. The weather is very Warm here, but I hope we shall not be detaind here longer than the present week.

Yours affectionatly
A Adams

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