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Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 19 January 1797

My Dearest Friend

With a kind Letter from Mr. Dalton I received to day the inclosed from Mrs. Dalton to you.

I received also a Letter from Col. Griffin, in which he asserts "that from every Information that can be collected, it was the general Wish of most of the good People of Virginia, who are attached to order and good Government, that this happy and fortunate Event (my Election) should take Place, and that notwithstanding the Newspaper Calumny, you will in the Course of your Administration, experience as full and ample Support from this as from any other State in the Union" and recommends Mr. John Griffin, a son of Judge Griffin, 25 years of Age, of fair Character, liberal Education, Spent two years in England as many in France, to live in my Family as a private Secretary."

Thus much for Virginia.

We have this day a Message from the President upon Adets Note and french Affairs, with a Letter from Mr. Pickering to Mr. Pinckney and a load of Documents, which will make Conversation enough for the People, for some time. The Consequences of this Transaction will come up after the 4 of March, and stare at me. I have had a good Education to Patience in public Affairs, and can look at a Storm with some Composure. The approaching one looks black and thick enough: but I have Confidence in the Sense, Spirit and Resources of this Country, which few other Men in the world know so well, have so long tried and found Solid. Confusions, Inconveniences and Distresses enough may await Us. This People want something to awaken them from their golden Dreams. I am affectionately

John Adams

Mrs. A.

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