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Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 7 February 1797

My dearest Friend

I received Yesterday together your Letters of the 28. [Abigail to John, 28 January 1797] 29. [Abigail to John, 29 January 1797] and 30th. of January [Abigail to John, 30 January 1797] .

It is impossible for me to give any Directions about our affairs at Quincy. I shall be hurried here with Business and Ceremony. I like your Plan to get Mears but fear he will not agree to it.

When you come here I hope you will bring all the Women you want. I would not have any other than N. England Women in the House on any Account. Why cant Becky and Betcy too come here.

But I can determine Nothing, untill the H. of Representatives shall determine. I cannot even receive the Furniture belonging to the Public, without their Act. If I have an House to furnish, I will have no House before next December, if then. I will live at Lodgings at Francis's Hotel.

The Governors Retirement does him Honour. I wish I could retire too: but it is not too late. I am in the Cage and cant get out as yet.

The Examination is to be tomorrow after which We shall soon see what turn Things are to take.

I am with the tenderest Affection yours & only yours forever


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