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Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, 9 February 1797

Captain Beals has just returnd from Boston and brought me the inclosed Letter from our son. I send it you tho I hope the same vessel may have brought Letters for you, and dispatches for the Secretary of State. Tho it chiefly relates to domestick occurrences I know it will give you pleasure to read it. Return it when read. I had a few lines from Thomas informing me of his Health, and in his drole Stile Lamenting that poor Whitcomb and he are in the same predicament having by their long absence, Lost their Sweet Hearts, but they comfort themselves by thinking that there will be an ample number of the same comodity on Hand when they return.

I received to day by post your Letters of Janry 26 [John to Abigail, 26 January 1797] 29 and 31 Janry [John to Abigail, 31 January 1797] and one from Brisler, but as I think I fully answerd all his objections in a former Letter I shall omit any thing further untill I see Mrs. Brisler and converse with her.

You know my Spirit of accommodation. I would wish as Pope expresses it, "to rise with Dignity, and fall with ease." Yet not a person whom I have heard speak upon the Subject of Sallery but what expect and think there ought to be an enlargement of it, and a House and furniture provided.

I pray you to write to our Dear Sons. A vessel is going from hence. I can forward the Letters if you will send them.

I have not time fully to notice the contents of your Letters now. I shall do it by the next post.

Yours most affectionatly
A Adams

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Original manuscript: Adams, Abigail. Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, 9 February 1797. 1 page. Original manuscript from the Adams Family Papers, Massachusetts Historical Society.
Source of transcription: Adams Papers Editorial Project. Unverified transcriptions.
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