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Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 22 March 1797

My dearest Friend

Last night for the first time I slept in our new House. But what a Scene: The Furniture belonging to the Publick is in the most deplorable Condition. There is not a Chair fit to sit in. The Beds and Bedding are in a woeful Pickle. This House has been a Scene of the most Scandalous Drinking and Disorder among the servants, that ever I heard of. I would not have one of them for any Consideration. There is not a Carpet nor a Curtain, nor a Glass nor Linnen nor China nor any Thing. Dont expose this Picture.

This morning I received your favours of March 12 [Abigail to John, 12 March 1797] and 13th [Abigail to John, 13 March 1797] . I am highly pleased with your Criticisms and Observations on my Adieus to the Senate, their Answer and my Reply. Before now you have a long Speech, which I hope you will

descant on as learnedly and ingeniously.

As to the farms I must leave all to you and Dr. Tufts. Let Trask clear all the Bushes in Curtis's Pasture. I want to have clean Work made there. You have not mentioned My Mares nor Colts. Are the Mares in a Way to breed Us Horses?

I have procured five Horses, which with my little fellow at home, will be all I shall keep.

As to Public Affairs all is Suspence at present. Nothing can be determined till further and more Authentic Accounts arrive.

I never wanted your Advice and assistance more in my Life. My Country will not always oblige her Public Men to make Brick without Straw. As soon as I shall be out of the Question, their Presidents will go on Swimmingly whoever Lives to See it. But it is wicked to complain.

I have not been able to receive any Company. And the House will not be fit for some time.

I am with all Affection and ardent Wishes for your Society,


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Original manuscript: Adams, John. Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 22 March 1797. 4 pages. Original manuscript from the Adams Family Papers, Massachusetts Historical Society.
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