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Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 28 January 1799

My dearest Friend

In my solitude in Markett street, I find nothing so sociable as your Letters -- those of 18 and 20th are this moment received. Your health and Spirits are a great Improvement of mine.

I have avoided the Epithets perfidious and unprincipled as much as I could, but neither they nor any that would be borrowed from the Hebrew and the Greek would be too strong, for the House of Mass. to Use.

My Religion you know is not exactly conformable to that of the greatest Part of the Christian World. It excludes superstition. But with all the superstition that attends it, I think the Christian the best that is or has been. I would join with those who wish ecclesiastical Tyranny abolished, and the frauds of the Priesthood detested: But in this Country We have little of this. If my feeble Testimony has done any good, rejoice and have my reward.

The V. P. was a poor Correspondent and the P. is a worse but I cannot help it.

The salt Marsh you may buy but it is too dear. The Ceedar swamp too is vastly too dear. My Gout for Land is much abated. They hold it at such a Price that it tastes too silverfish.

I will be no part of Taxes of any kind, nor for of Blacksmith's Bills. I will have a Rent clear of all deductions. It may be let for 3 years. But I must have the salts Marsh at the farms and Quincys Meadow and Belchers Place. The Rent must be the less.

I am glad the 20 foot Posts are to be sent for. I have made Turell Tufts a Consul at Surinam.

Thomas, to my sorrow, but for your Joy will sett out this Week for Quincy. He will stop at N. York sometime. He dont relish the Idea of settling at Quincy.


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