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Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, 1 February 1799

My Dearest Friend

I have at length procured the addresses and find them better collected and arranged than I expected, tho there are many not yet published;

If Dr. Tufts should have occasion for some Money he desires to know if he may draw. He applied the interest to purchase principal. Since the new Loan is opend there are plenty of Six per cents at market.

I have purchased 80 Bushels of oats. I could not get them under three Shilling either in Boston or Bridgwater. I can have them deliverd to me here for that price, and much better than what comes by water. Hay is very scarce and dear 7 & 8 pence per Hundred; had I better engage a Hunderd Bushels more of oats from Bridgwater. We shall have occasion for them when you return.

French seems inclined to hire the Farm if he can have Belchers place, and to manure the Grass land instead of planting much, as he thinks Hay more profitable than Corn.

I begin now to calculate upon weeks instead of Months, but Congress move so slow, I fear they want to sit longer than March.

With sincere affection Your
A Adams

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