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Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 22 February 1799

My Dearest Friend

I went last night to the Ball, where the Company Suffered more by the cold which was excessive than I ever knew any Company suffer in my Life. The Dancers only were comfortable. I came home and went into a warm bed and had a fine Perspiration, occasioned I believe by my drinking three Glasses of Madeira Wine at supper and two more after I came home, which has relieved me from all cold and I feel very well this morning. The Company owing to the Weather was not large.

I am very anxious to hear from you having no Letter since the 10th. Your sickness last summer, fall and Winter has been to me the severest Tryal I ever endured. Not that I am at this moment without other Tryals enough for one Man. I may Adopt the Words of a celebrated Statesman, whom however I should not wish to resemble in many Things. "And now, good judge, Says he,

let me ask you, whether you believe that my Situation in the World is perfectly as I could wish it; whether You imagine that I meet with no shock from my Superiours, no Perverseness from my equals, no impertinence from my Inferiours? If you fancy me in such a state of bliss you are wide from the mark."

I have planned out so much Work for myself that I shall not be able to go East ward, till some time after the Rising of Congress. But every Day will seem long. I hope Thomas has restored You to rest and Health. I am my Dearest friend Yours forever,

John Adams

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Original manuscript: Adams, John. Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 22 February 1799. 3 pages. Original manuscript from the Adams Family Papers, Massachusetts Historical Society.
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