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Search limitations

This tool searches Harbottle Dorr, Jr.'s indexes only. It does not search the text of newspapers or pamphlets or Dorr's annotations.

Detailed explanation of search results

The default scope of the search tool is to search for the requested word/words within the index terms of all four volumes simultaneously. Search results will be presented as one list of index terms ordered by volume and page number from all four volumes containing the requested search terms. To search for a word or words within one of the indexes for a specific volume, select that particular volume from the drop down box within the search form. [Reminder: to browse (rather than search) any of the four indexes, please start at the Collection Outline.]

Each index entry listed on the search results page is structured as follows:

  • The indexed term(s).
  • A linked-number: Clicking this takes you to the specific volume and page number that Dorr indexed. At this time, users must read the individual newspaper page to find the indexed content.
  • The blue, double-arrow : Click this to see an expanded view that shows each term in the context of the terms Dorr wrote above and below on the original index page.
  • "See index" see index: Clicking this will take you to the original index page in which this search term appeared.

The search feature also automatically returns truncated words without the use of wildcard symbols. For example, if you search for "draw" you will also see "draws" and "drawing"; "sell" shows "selling" and "sellers"; and "address" displays "addresses", "addressed", "addressing".


example of searching `thunder`

When you search for the word "thunder" you should see thirteen results. The first result – "Thunder Terrible at Boston" – is followed by the numbers "2:191," indicating that Dorr indexed an article that appeared in Volume 2, on Page 191.

In the list of search results, if you click on the blue-double arrow you see an expanded view of the search term in the context of the other terms on Dorr’s index page. See below:

example of searching `thunder`

When you follow the link for the first result (“Thunder Terrible at Boston”), and click on “2:191” you will be taken to the page Dorr numbered 191 within volume 2. You will need to read the newspaper to determine which article prompted Dorr to create the index term. To the right of the blue, double-arrow is a link labeled "see index". Clicking this will take you to the original index page in which the searched word(s)/phrase appears.

Searching for the keyword "French" in all volumes:

  • Commons British House of, Debates in.2:370. 2:399.
  • Commons British House of, Their Resolves against the Massachusetts Bay.2:468.
  • Courts [compass] of Admiralty Special, vide, Admiralty.

Corscia Island of in Danger of being taken by the French.2:630 see index

  • Corscia Island of Defeated.2:662See under Paoli
  • Comet, a very remar- kable[ remarkable]one appears2:643. 2:660. 2:735.
  • Comet This Planet may be in danger from it.2:675
  • [no preceding index entries]

Priest French appointed for Nova Scotia. 73:309 see index

  • President of Harvard College, Reverend Mr. Lock Elec- ted[ Elected] 3:34.Installed.3:71
  • Parliament of Great Bri- tain[ Britain], if the King should dis- solve[ dissolve]it, it would throw weight on the Crown Side.3:38.
  • Parliament of Great Bri- tain[ Britain], The English Constitution, can be ruined by nothing but a bad One.3:116.
  • Acrostic on Mr. Hutchin- son's[ Thomas Hutchinson]being proclaimed Governor3:423
  • Alderman Oliver, and the Lord Mayor of London sent to the Tower, for dischar -ing the Printers. &c.3:471 3:472
  • Admiral Montague appoin- ted[ appointed]to succeed Commodore Gam- bier[ John Gambier], and arrives at Boston, the Time when he came here before, and the occasion of it. &c.3:541

Ambassador French, Count de Guigne, leaves London ab- ruptley abruptly and goes to France.3:589 see index

  • Acts of Trade, Our Ancestors Adopted them by their own Consent3:591
  • America, how many Miles it contains 613
  • Annual Political Lectures, Town of Boston, vote to have one Forever, and annualy annually to provide an Orator3:442
  • Freedom or Liberty wherein it consists3:444
  • Fellons Samuel he that Fired on the Sheriff some Time past, whip't[ whipped]for Stealing.3:554
  • Famine great in the East Indies, a particular account of it.3:574. 3:621

French Ambassador, Count de Guinger, leaves London abruptly, &[ and]goes home.3:589.vid page3:37 see index

  • [no following entries]
  • Queen, an address to her from a Lady on the Oppressions of America.4:16
  • Queen of Denmark, See Denmark, Queen of.
  • Quebec city of, dismantled.4:29.

Quebec a terrible bill brought into Parliament, establishing the Catholic re- ligion[ religion], & French Laws there,4:533,4:549,4:552,4:553,4:554,4:555,4:570,4:579,4:581,4:596,4:610. See Act of Parliament. see index

  • Quebec seige, raised by the American Forces, &c,4:879,4:886.
  • Quincy Josiah, embarks for England on a public Account.4:588.
  • Quincy Josiah Arrives.4:641.
  • Country Rises, and are on the March to assist Boston, on divers reports, &c4:563,4:564,4:571,4:578,4:592,4:593,4:610.4:693.
  • Cumberland County, meet by their delegates, on the Grievances of America, resolve, &c,4:585.
  • Consumption, Non See under Non

Canada, the efforts of the French and English at Montreal, and Quebec, in deffence[ defence]of Liberty, &c,4:616,4:617,4:620. see index

Search Descriptions of Newspapers Beta

surround terms in quotes to search as a phrase

Limitations of search of descriptions of newspapers

This tool searches title information for all of the newspapers and pamphlets included in the collection, as well as additional explanatory notes about particularly complicated pages. Some descriptions of newspaper issues also include summaries of topics covered in the newspaper articles and/or specific subjects, names, and advertisements appearing on the page. This feature is currently available for 25 newspapers and will be expanded as time permits.

Search results will provide links to pages from the collection with descriptions containing the term/terms entered into the search box. The descriptions for specific pages and newspaper issues can be viewed by clicking on the "about this page" and/or the "about this item" links, which will be outlined in red. These links open boxes containing the associated metadata.

If you are interested in helping MHS create more descriptions of newspapers and pamphlets please contact us!