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This tool searches Harbottle Dorr, Jr.'s indexes only. It does not search the text of newspapers or pamphlets or Dorr's annotations.

Detailed explanation of search results

The default scope of the search tool is to search for the requested word/words within the index terms of all four volumes simultaneously. Search results will be presented as one list of index terms ordered by volume and page number from all four volumes containing the requested search terms. To search for a word or words within one of the indexes for a specific volume, select that particular volume from the drop down box within the search form. [Reminder: to browse (rather than search) any of the four indexes, please start at the Collection Outline.]

Each index entry listed on the search results page is structured as follows:

  • The indexed term(s).
  • A linked-number: Clicking this takes you to the specific volume and page number that Dorr indexed. At this time, users must read the individual newspaper page to find the indexed content.
  • The blue, double-arrow : Click this to see an expanded view that shows each term in the context of the terms Dorr wrote above and below on the original index page.
  • "See index" see index: Clicking this will take you to the original index page in which this search term appeared.

The search feature also automatically returns truncated words without the use of wildcard symbols. For example, if you search for "draw" you will also see "draws" and "drawing"; "sell" shows "selling" and "sellers"; and "address" displays "addresses", "addressed", "addressing".


example of searching `thunder`

When you search for the word "thunder" you should see thirteen results. The first result – "Thunder Terrible at Boston" – is followed by the numbers "2:191," indicating that Dorr indexed an article that appeared in Volume 2, on Page 191.

In the list of search results, if you click on the blue-double arrow you see an expanded view of the search term in the context of the other terms on Dorr’s index page. See below:

example of searching `thunder`

When you follow the link for the first result (“Thunder Terrible at Boston”), and click on “2:191” you will be taken to the page Dorr numbered 191 within volume 2. You will need to read the newspaper to determine which article prompted Dorr to create the index term. To the right of the blue, double-arrow is a link labeled "see index". Clicking this will take you to the original index page in which the searched word(s)/phrase appears.

Searching for the keyword "abuse" in all volumes:

  • Stamp Officers a list of them 3291:339

Spiritous Liquors the abuse of 'em[ them]baneful1:356 see index

  • Shelburn Lord[ William Petty]his Letter to Governor Barnard[ Sir Francis Bernard]about Compen- sation[ Compensation]to Sufferers1:535
  • Secretarys Report about Governor Hutchinsons[ Thomas Hutchinson]right to a Seat in Council1:591
  • Slaves against Making any1:617
  • Princess Dowager of Wales, said to be a Bad Woman, and an Enemy to England3:106
  • Princess Dowager of Wales, Travels abroad: an Account when she first Landed in England.3:202

Princess Dowager of Wales, Abused in her Travels.3:218. see index

  • Princess Dowager of Wales, Her Character.3:106. 3:228. 3:233. 3:362.
  • Princess Dowager of Wales, Said to be bribed in Making Peace with France.3:228.
  • Princess Dowager of Wales, Returns from her Travels.3:345.
  • Representatives of North Carolina, They pass the Riot Act, in order to Try the Regulators.3:474.
  • Representatives of North Carolina, They pass an Act, to raise an Army to go against the Regulators.3:Ibid.
  • Regulators of North Caro- lina[ Carolina], a vote in their Assembly, Referring to them.3:22

Regulators of North Caro- lina[ Carolina], Make a violent Riot, break into the Court of Law, abuse the Judges, Officers. &c.3:302. 3:308. see index

  • Regulators of North Caro- lina[ Carolina], The Militia drawn out against them.3:335.
  • Regulators of North Caro- lina[ Carolina], Governor Tryon[ William Tryon], Marches against them.3:469.
  • Regulators of North Caro- lina Governor, Bills found against them. viz., Hunter, Husbands, &[ and]Howell. &c. required to Surrender: an Act made to raise an Army, Governor Tryon[ William Tryon]heads it, &[ and]Marches.3:474.
  • Regulators of North Carolina, Several of them tried by a Court of Oyer &[ and]Terminier, Brought in Guilty and Executed: particularly Captain Morril.3:519.
  • Regulators of North Carolina, Most of these who have been tried have their Choice, either to Inlist[ Enlist]in the Regular Service, or be Whipt[ Whipped]500 Lashes, Their Cattle sold at Vendue. &c.3:527.
  • Regulators of North Carolina, Have been Cru- elly[ Cruelly]Oppressed. &[ and]Ill Treated by Governor Tryon.[ William Tryon]&c, especially Captain Husbands.[ Herman Husbands]Their Cause Just; Fried upon in a Treacherous Man- ner[ Manner], before the Truce was expired, The Reason of their Rising. Captain Morril his behaviour[ behavior]at his Ex- ecution.[ Execution]&c. &c.3:536.

Regulators of North Carolina, Another Account of the Grievious oppressions they labou- red[ labored]under. the extortions of the officers. the abusive Treatment offered to Herman Hubands. &c.3:513. see index

  • [no following entries]
  • Lightening, Strikes the Or- phan[ Orphan]House at Georgia, and burns it down, although defended with Points.4:320.

Lawyer, Profession of, noble and honourable[ honorable], but much abused lately, by yt.[ that]pleading no causes, unless they draw the Writ, &c,4:351. see index

  • Longitude discovered by Mr. Harrison[ John Harrison]& ye[ the]rewards paid him by Act of Par- liament[ Parliament].4:363.
  • Lexington, See Town of.
  • Lynn, see Town of.
  • [no preceding index entries]

Franklin Agent, removed from his office as agent P.Master[ Postmaster]and greatly abused.4:487,4:488. see index

  • Farmer, his Letters on the grievances of America : cheifly on the Boston Port Bill, &c,4:516,4:520,4:524,4:528.
  • Fast, a very Strict one observed in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay &c Boston in Particular.4:533.
  • Fast Continental one, vid Proclamation.4:756.
  • Billeting Act. see Act of Parlia- ment[ Parliament], quartering Troops in America.
  • Brattle General, sends a Letter to Governor Gage[ Thomas Gage], which gives great offence, and obliges him to flee to Boston, &c. see his Letter to Gage[ Thomas Gage], & his Answer.4:563.
  • Brown, Councellor, his insolent Answer to the Essex Committee, wont[ will not]resign4:571

Brown Enoch, his narrative of the abuse he met with at Court Martial &c,4:586. see index

  • Bristol County, meet by their Delegates, on the Grievances of the Province, &c, Resolve, and Vote.4:584.
  • Bell, arrives for Doctor Cooper 's Meet- ing[ Meeting]: the largest in America.4:584.

Search Descriptions of Newspapers Beta

surround terms in quotes to search as a phrase

Limitations of search of descriptions of newspapers

This tool searches title information for all of the newspapers and pamphlets included in the collection, as well as additional explanatory notes about particularly complicated pages. Some descriptions of newspaper issues also include summaries of topics covered in the newspaper articles and/or specific subjects, names, and advertisements appearing on the page. This feature is currently available for 25 newspapers and will be expanded as time permits.

Search results will provide links to pages from the collection with descriptions containing the term/terms entered into the search box. The descriptions for specific pages and newspaper issues can be viewed by clicking on the "about this page" and/or the "about this item" links, which will be outlined in red. These links open boxes containing the associated metadata.

If you are interested in helping MHS create more descriptions of newspapers and pamphlets please contact us!