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Volume 3: Index: Summary (by Dorr) about this volume, [verso of index 37][about this page]

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  • Cost £12. 6/ 0. Teno.
  • This has been a very deformed Body, but a Beautiful Soul.
  • N.B. On Reviewing this Volume, I find some Words in the Margin's & Index
    misspelt , which I hope whoever peruses will excuse, especially as they were wrote at my
    Shop amidst my business, when I had not leisure to be exact
  • In asmuch as News Papers in general contain, not only the News of
    the Day, but often Intelligence of the greatest moment, (and in general
    are look'd upon as authentic, being often resorted to as valuable Records,
    and perhaps are so, more than any other, saving legal Ones: and
    as Persons in general are too negligent of preserving them,) and during the
    period of the Following Papers, Transactions of the utmost importance respecting
    Liberty in general hae taken place, and are recorded in them: I
    have thought it worth while to collect them, tho' at considerable expence, and
    very GREAT Trouble, in hopes that in Future, they may be of some service,
    towards forming a Political History of this Country, during the
    shameful and abandoned administration of the despotic Ministers of George
    the 3d. Harbottle Dorr.
  • The Editor of the Gent Magz. says "Though the american Transac-
    may seem tedious at present, when every News Papers is full of them, yet
    "they afford Materials for an Important part of the History of the present
    "Times, vid. page. 479. Vol. 2.

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