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This is the online application process for the Massachusetts Historical Society's research fellowships, specifically the Short-Term, Long-Term, New England Regional Fellowship Consortium, and the Suzanne and Caleb Loring Fellowships. For more information about the fellowships, please read this page.

To apply for more than one fellowship: create your application for the first fellowship using your normal email address. Then follow the instructions found on the help page after logging in to this first application. Short-term fellowships applicants: please submit only one application for the short-term fellowship; you will automatically be considered for all short-term fellowships for which you are eligible.

This application process requires a standards-compliant web browser. The application process has been tested on Firefox 3.+, Safari 4+, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer 8+. Javascript and cookies must be enabled to proceed.

You may compose your application materials directly in the online forms, or cut and paste already completed materials into the forms. You may return at any time before your final submission to work on the application. The MHS and its affiliates will be unable to read your application materials before your final submission.

When Recommendation letters are required, they are also submitted online: upon beginning the application process we will provide you with instructions to forward to your recommenders. They may submit their letters at any time after you have started your application, and before the application is due. Your login page will indicate if we have received recommendation letters. You may submit your portion of your application without the recommendation letters having been received; the recommenders will still be able to submit their letters. Furthermore, you can continue to login to check the status of the letters, although you may not make changes to your materials once submitted.

Our system sends all applicants instructions for submitting a letter of recommendation whether or not a letter (or two) is required. Recommendation letters are always required for the MHS-NEH Long-Term Fellowships. For the Short-Term, Suzanne and Caleb Loring, and New England Regional Fellowship Consortium fellowships ONLY, fellowship applicants who hold a Ph.D. do not need to submit a recommendation letter.

We will provide you with email confirmations at key points throughout the process; please be sure to provide a current email address when you start your application.

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