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Archival Collections

Adams, Henry. Henry Adams Photographs, 1866-ca.1900. Massachusetts Historical Society.

Adams, Marian Hooper. Marian Hooper Adams Photographs, ca. 1846-1885. Massachusetts Historical Society.

Adams-Thoron papers, 1844-1992; bulk: 1858-1966. Massachusetts Historical Society.

Henry Adams letters to Anne (Palmer) Fell, 1884-1890. Massachusetts Historical Society.

Homans collection, 1816-1918; bulk: 1869-1911. Massachusetts Historical Society.

Hooper-Adams papers, 1870-1967; bulk: 1870-1885. Massachusetts Historical Society.

Exhibition: 9 February - 2 June 2012

This exhibition features photographs taken by Clover Adams, along with her letters, the notebook she used to record the technical aspects of her photographs, Henry's letters, and other family materials. A Gilded & Heartbreaking Life: The Photographs of Clover Adams, 1883-1885 is on display at the Massachusetts Historical Society. The exhibition is free and open to the public, Monday through Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm. 

From the Exhibition...

Is it any consolation to remember her as she was? that bright intrepid spirit, that keen fine intellect, that lofty scorn of all that was mean, that social charm which made your house such a one as Washington never knew before, and made hundreds of people love her as much as they admired her.
— John Hay to Henry Adams, 9 December 1885