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The first seventy-nine volumes of the Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society (1792-1939) have been digitized and made available full text at the Internet Archive. Below are links to each volume. Each volume has a table of contents and every tenth volume contains a cumulative index. The volumes containing an index are marked in the list below.

If you would prefer to browse a PDF document containing the tables of contents for each volume in Series One through Series Seven, click on the link provided below each series heading below.

Series One

Open PDF document to view full tables of contents.

Series Two

Open PDF document to view full tables of contents.

Series Three

Open PDF document to view full tables of contents.

Series Four

Open PDF document to view full tables of contents.

Series Five

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  • Volume 1 (1871)
  • Volume 2 - Belknap Papers Part I (1877)
  • Volume 3 - Belknap Papers Part II (1877)
  • Volume 4 - Heath Papers, Winthrop Papers, Warren Papers (1878)
  • Volume 5 - Sewall Papers Vol. I - 1674, 1700 (1878)
  • Volume 6 - Sewall Papers Vol. II, 1699-1700-1714 (1879)
  • Volume 7 - Sewall Papers Vol. III (1882)
  • Volume 8 - Winthrop Papers Part IV (1882)
  • Volume 9 - Trumbull Papers (1885)
  • Volume 10 - Trumbull Papers Vol. II (1888)  - index to Ser. V, vols. 1-10

Series Six

Open PDF document to view full tables of contents.

  • Volume 1 - Sewall's Letter-Book, Volume I (1886)
  • Volume 2 - Sewall's Letter-Book, Volume II (1886)
  • Volume 3 - Winthrop Papers, Part V (1889)
  • Volume 4 (1891)
  • Volume 5 - Winthrop Papers, Part VI (1892)
  • Volume 6 - Belcher Papers, Part I (1893)
  • Volume 7 - Belcher Papers, Part II (1894)
  • Volume 8 - Calendar of Pickering Papers (1896)
  • Volume 9 - Bowdoin Papers, Temple Papers (1897)
  • Volume 10 - Pepperrell Papers (1899)  - index to Ser. VI, vols. 1-10

Series Seven

Open PDF document to view full tables of contents.

  • Volume 1 - Jefferson Papers (1900)
  • Volume 2 - Trumbull Papers Part III (1902)
  • Volume 3 - Trumbull Papers Part IV (1902)
  • Volume 4 - Heath Papers Part II (1904)
  • Volume 5 - Heath Papers Part III (1905)
  • Volume 6 - Bowdoin Papers, Temple Papers Part II (1907)
  • Volume 7 - Cotton Mather Diary Part I (1911)
  • Volume 8 - Cotton Mather Diary Part II (1912)
  • Volume 9 (1914)
  • Volume 10 (1915)  - index to Ser. VII, vols. 1-10

Numbered Volumes

After the Seventh series the MHS began numbering volumes sequentially (abandoning the "series" concept). Below are the numbered volumes currently available after Series Seven.

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