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Selected Profiles of Massachusetts Judges and Lawyers

Distinguished Judges
Some “firsts” for African American Judges

Massachusetts Black Judges Conference

George Lewis Ruffin
G. Bruce Robinson
Edward O. Gourdin
David S. Nelson
Margaret A. Burnham
Roderick L. Ireland
Barbara A. Dortch-Okara
Geraldine S. Hines
Judith Nelson Dilday
Frederick L. Brown

First Probation Officer
Harry F. Lofton

Distinguished Lawyers
Some “firsts” for African American Lawyers

Massachusetts Black Lawyers Conference

Macon B. Allen
Robert Morris
Butler Wilson
James H. Wolff
Edward E. Brown
William H. Lewis
Inez C. Fields
Robert Morris Stevens
Harry T. Daniels
Rudolph F. Pierce
Wayne A. Budd
Ralph C. Martin II
Thomas I. Atkins
Edward W. Brooke
Ruth E. Fitch
Marie S. St. Fleur