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Educational Curriculum

The Long Road to Justice curriculum is geared towards middle- and high-school students. The heart of the curriculum materials is the "Teachers' Guide," written by Roberta Logan and developed by Primary Source of Watertown, MA. This manual contains an appropriate introduction to the subject matter and themes of the exhibit, as well as student exercises and discussion questions for before, during, and after the students' visits. Some exercises include: defining "justice," analyzing exhibit photographs and relevant poetry, and scavenger hunts. We hope that ideas presented in the Sourcebook will assist teachers in introducing the material prior to the students' visits and will serve to reinforce the material once the exhibit has been experienced.


Table of Contents

  • Introduction for Teachers
  • Pre-visit Activities
  • At-the-Exhibit Activities
  • Post-visit Activities: Explorations & Ideas for Further Research
  • Articles: "From Slavery to Freedom" by Robert Hall; "The Sarah Roberts Case in Historical Perspective" by George Dargo
  • Bibliography (includes Teacher Resources, Student Reading List, Archives, and Websites)

Obtaining a Copy of the Teachers' Sourcebook
The Teachers' Sourcebook is available at no cost to middle- and high-school teachers and administrators. We invite any interested educator to contact us at lrtj@masshist.org to request a copy.



Making Freedom: African Americans in U.S. History

A five-volume set of curriculum sourcebooks that provide documents, lesson plans, and context information to incorporate the history of African Americans into the study of U.S. history. Throughout these units, African Americans are revealed as powerful agents for their own rights, and contributors, as well, to the shaping of American democracy. The books come with an accompanying CD containing all of the documents plus art and music.

To order the Making Freedom: African Americans in U.S. History sourcebooks, please visit www.heinemann.com.