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Published in 1755, the same year that a French and Indian force defeated a British army under Gen. Edward Braddock near Fort Duquesne, Thomas Jefferys’s map attempted to justify English claims in North America. Jefferys based his on the work of a French cartographer but transformed it into British propaganda, identifying French settlements as “incroachments” on English territory. The map later became a part of William Douglass's widely read Summary, Historical and Political ...of the British Settlements in North-America (1755). Encyclopedic in its coverage, the Summary remains an important source of information concerning British North America.

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“North America from the French of Mr. D’Anville Improved with the Back Settlements of Virginia and Course of Ohio Illustrated with Geographical and Historical Remarks.”

London: Published by Thomas Jefferys, 1755.
Dimensions of entire sheet: 20 ¾ X 18 ¾ inches.
Dimensions of image: 19 15/16 X 17 7/8 inches.
Originally tipped into A Summary, Historical and Political of the First Planting, Progressive Improvements, and Present State of the British Settlements in North-America. By William Douglass. (Boston, 1755).

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