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National History Day in Massachusetts

NEW NHD Contest Rule Book and Evaluation Forms

Image of the cover of the "NHD National History Day Contest Rule Book."  Cover has the NHD Logo and photos of student projects, including an exhibit board and several students performing in costumes.  Edition from January 22, 2020.

The NHD Contest Rule Book is a one-stop shop to answer all of your questions about the NHD project and the competitions.  For returning NHD students, the rule book will look a bit different: NHD has a brand new contest rule book and new evaluation forms this year.  We also have a version in Spanish: NHD Manuel de reglas para competencias.

Make sure to read the New NHD Contest Rule Book carefully, and review the New NHD Evaluation Forms to see how judges will be assessing your work.  For an overview of changes to the rule book, see the Summary of Significant Changes worksheet.