John Rowe diaries

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This collection consists of 12 diaries kept by prominent Boston merchant John Rowe from 8 September 1764-18 July 1779, with gaps from 18 August 1765-10 April 1766, 1 June-24 December 1775, and 19 November 1776-12 August 1778. The extensive entries note his opinions on the Stamp Act and other tariffs; his involvement in merchant, town, and other committees protesting the treatment of the colonies by the British; his reactions to the Boston Tea Party; the outbreak and progress of the war; and the end of the Siege of Boston and the evacuation of British troops. Also noted is his role in Boston society through his extensive involvement in public and private causes and his social life in the city, particularly before the Revolution. In addition to events and opinions, Rowe's diary also makes note of most of the prominent Boston and Massachusetts personalities of the day.

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