August 2001:

The Sons of Liberty

September 2001:

Phillis Wheatley

October 2001:

Indian Ledger Art

November 2001:
The Parkman Murder

December 2001:
Santa Claus Bank Note

January 2002:
New Year's Address

February 2002:
Anthony Burns Checks

March 2002:
Harriet Beecher Stowe

April 2002:
Paul Revere's Ride

May 2002:
Order of the Rising Sun

June 2002:
Women and War

July 2002:
Declaration of Independence

August 2002:
Schoolgirl Needlework

September 2002:
New England Maps

October 2002:
John Singleton Copley

November 2002:
John Hancock

December 2002:
Benjamin Franklin Tries to Electrocute a Turkey

Amistad Letters to JQA

February 2003:
The Ratification of the U.S. Constitution in Massachusetts

March 2003:
Aid for Mother Ireland

April 2003:
The Boston Red Sox

May 2003:
Daguerreotype of Faneuil Hall

June 2003:
The Last Horse Drawn Streetcar in Boston