Diary of John Adams, volume 1

Saturday 12 or 19 July.

Fryday July 25th.

Sunday Morning [13 or 20] July 1760. JA



Sunday Morning [13 or 20] July 1760. Adams, John
Sunday Morning 13 or 20 July 1760.

The week before last Salome Pope appeared before Coll. Quincy, to confess herself with Child, by Jos. Ryford.


Her Intention was to complain against Jos. Ryford and charge him before the Justice with being the father of the Bastard Child with which she is now pregnant. Now what Occasion for taking her Examination upon Oath?—By the Province Law.1


Here a line is drawn across the page in the MS and a short entry follows which has been scratched out with two different pens: “Ryford is not only suspected but has been charged to have begotten a Bastard Child; therefore Q. may now himself perhaps bind him to the sessions, But is not to do it by the Province Law.”