Diary of John Adams, volume 1

Novr. 10th. 1761.

Novr. 20th. 1761. Monday.

Novr. 14th. 1761. JA Novr. 14th. 1761. Adams, John
Novr. 14th. 1761.

Brother Quincy and I were Sworn, before the Superiour Court.1 It is now more than five Years since I began the study of the Law. And it is about three Years, since I was sworn at the Inferiour Court.


“Upon a motion made by Jeremy Gridley Esqr. the Oath of an Attorney by the province Law prescribed was administred to Messrs. Samuel Quincy and John Adams in Order to their practising in this Court” (Superior Court of Judicature, Records, 1760–1762, p. 239). For the attorney’s oath, adopted in 1701, 225see Province Laws , 1:467. In his Autobiography JA merged his admission as an attorney in the Superior Court with his admission as a barrister the following year.