Diary of John Adams, volume 1

Decr. 31st. 1766.

Saturday March 1767.

[1766?] <a xmlns="http://www.tei-c.org/ns/1.0" href="#DJA01d447n1" class="note" id="DJA01d447n1a">1</a> JA [1766?] Adams, John
1766 1

Query. The Service done by Tommy Hutchinson, for the Province, for which he had a Grant of 40£. and his fathers application for Pay, for the same Service and saying, he never had any Pay for it.

The Bill drawn by Mr. Hutchinson, and carried in Council and sent down to the House, to enlarge the Power of the Judges of Probate, and empower them to appoint a few freeholders to set off Widows Dower—without any Action at Common Law, or Tryal by Jury.

Copies of the several Grants that have been made him, for drawing the state of the Province’s Claim to Sagadahock, Case of the Prov. and New York, Connecticutt ing Lines &c. and the Prov. Claim on N. Hampshire—&c. Additional Grant as Chief Justice &c.

Copy of his Petition last June was 12 months for a salary as Lieutenant Governor. It is in the Journal sent down together with a Message from the Governor 12 day of June A.D. 1765 Wednesday. Considered Fryday June 14. 1765 10 O clock.


This and the following entry appear on a separate folded sheet laid in at the end of this Diary booklet (D/JA/13). The notes on the Hutchinsons, perhaps prepared for a newspaper communication, must almost certainly have been written before June 1766 be cause the references to events of “last June” can be verified as referring to events of June 1765. But it has seemed best to print the entry in the place where it is found in the Diary, after the last entries in 1766 and before the first in 1767.