Diary of John Adams, volume 2

Falmouth, Casco Bay. June 30th. 1772. Tuesday.

1772. Septr. 22.

Wednesday July 1. 1772. JA


Wednesday July 1. 1772. Adams, John
Wednesday July 1. 1772.
He, who contends for Freedom, can ne'er be justly deem'd his Sovereign's Foe: No, 'tis the wretch that tempts him to subvert it, The soothing Slave, the Traitor in the Bosom, Who best deserves that name; he is a worm That eats out all the Happiness of Kingdoms.1 When Life, or Death, becomes the Question, all Distinctions vanish; Then the first Monarch and the lowest Slave on the same Level Stand, in this the Sons of equal Nature all. 1.

Note by CFA: “These lines are taken from a play, now little read: [James] Thomson's Edward and Eleanora, act i. sc. 2, and act ii. sc. 2” (JA, Works , 2:297).