Diary of John Adams, volume 3

December 24. Tuesday.

Dec. 26. Thursday.

Decr. 25. Wednesday. Christmas. JA Decr. 25. Wednesday. Christmas. Adams, John
Decr. 25. Wednesday. Christmas.
Lady Lucans Verses on Ireland1
Hear this, Ye Great, as from the Feast Ye rise Which every Plundered Element supplies! Hear, when fatigued, not nourish'd Ye have din'd The Food of Thousands is to roots confin'd. Eternal Fasts that know no Taste of Bread: Nor where who sows the Corn by Corn is fed. Throughout the Year, no feast e'er crowns his board Four Pence a day, ah! what can that afford? &c. Open our Ports at once with generous Minds, Let Commerce be as free as Waves and Winds. Seize quick the Time, for now, consider well Whole Quarters of the World, at once rebel.

Margaret (Smyth) Bingham, wife of an Irish peer, the first Baron Lucan, was better known for her paintings than for her verse ( DNB ).