Diary of John Adams, volume 3

January. 13. Monday.

January 20. Monday.

1783. January 19. Sunday. JA


1783. January 19. Sunday. Adams, John
1783. January 19. Sunday.

Received a Note from Mr. Franklin, that the C. de Vergennes had written to him to desire me, to meet him at his office, tomorrow at ten.1 Went out to Passy, told Mr. Franklin that I had been informed last night, that the Comte was uneasy at Mr. Oswalds going away, because he expected to sign the Preliminaries in a day or two.


Vergennes' note and Franklin's reply, both dated 18 Jan., and Franklin's note to JA, 19 Jan., are all printed in Franklin Writings, ed. Smyth, 9:8–9.