Diary of John Adams, volume 3

In Congress, January–June 1776

14th. of Feb. 1776

[9th. of Feb. 1776] JA [9th. of Feb. 1776] Adams, John
9th. of Feb. 1776

On the 9th. of Feb. 1776 The day on which Mr. Gerry and I took our Seats for this Year, sundry Letters from General Washington, General Schuyler, Governor Trumbull, with Papers enclosed were read, and referred to Mr. Chase, Mr. J. Adams, Mr. Penn, Mr. Wythe and Mr. Rutledge.1


For these letters see JCC , 4:123 and note. The committee reported on 16 Feb.; the report is in Samuel Chase's hand and was tabled (same, p. 154–155). On 5 and 6 March further letters from Washington were referred to the same committee; see under those dates below.