Diary of John Quincy Adams, volume 1

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Revised Titlepage

[Titlepage and Cover] JQA [Titlepage and Cover] Adams, John Quincy
Titlepage and Cover
A Journal A Journal By Me J Q A Vol: 1st1 1.

Titlepage and cover for JQA's early Diary, designated D/JQA/1 by Adams editors to indicate the first of the individual Diary books, booklets, or miscellaneous fragments. This Diary booklet, which measures approximately 7″ × 4¾″, consists of eleven leaves of paper folded over and stitched. Bound in with the sheets is a paper cover, and each page has been ruled off with a margin by JQA, in which space he has placed the dates for his entries. On this titlepage, and the revised titlepage which follows, there is a scrawled design at the bottom of the page which is repeated throughout this Diary booklet.

With the exceptions of D/JQA/7, 9, and 13, all of the Diary volumes or booklets published in these two volumes contain a roman numeral affixed in pencil on either the cover or titlepage. Because they were probably added by CFA while assembling his father's papers in the 19th century, these have been deleted throughout.