Diary of John Quincy Adams, volume 1

1779 November Friday 12th.

Sunday 14th.

Saturday 13th. JQA Saturday 13th. Adams, John Quincy
Saturday 13th.

To day at about 1 o clock Pappa, and my Brother Charles,1 came to town, and at about 5 o clock we all went came on board and took our lodgings. My Brother Charles is to lodge with My Pappa and I with Mr. Thaxter.


Immediately after Charles' name, JQA placed a superscript number, the first of a series following the names of those referred to in the entries of 13–15 and 20 Nov. Such numbers, which have been deleted from this edition, were apparently used as a counting device for the index JQA constructed on the back cover of the Diary booklet. See after the entry for 31 Dec. (below). Unlike most indexers, however, JQA was interested in the frequency with which a name appeared rather than its location in the Diary booklet.