Diary of John Quincy Adams, volume 1

Februarius. 1783.

Aprilis. 1783.

Martius. 1783. JQA Martius. 1783. Adams, John Quincy
Martius. 1783.

5. Depart de Copenhague et l'10 arriveé à Hambourg.1


JA wrote to AA on 28 March, informing her that JQA had been impeded by “terrible Weather” on his journey from St. Petersburg and that “my Son has been another Source of Distress to me.” Receiving a letter from JQA dated 14 12 March from Hamburg, JA was hopeful that his son would arrive at The Hague by the end of March, but it was another three weeks before JQA reached his destination ( Book of Abigail and John , p. 344).