Diary of John Quincy Adams, volume 1

Saturday. Octr. 25.

Tuesday. 28th.

Sunday Octr. 26th. JQA


Sunday Octr. 26th. Adams, John Quincy
Sunday Octr. 26th.

We came away from Dartford at about 8. o'clock; and arrived at London at about 11: the distance from Dover is. 72, miles: we took up Lodgings at Osborn's Adelphi Hotel John Street; in the Strand. 1


Osborne's Hotel was in the Adelphi Buildings, extending from the Strand to the Thames, which were constructed in 1768 by the Adam brothers and used as dwellings and warehouses; John Street, off the Strand, was created by this development (Wheatley, London Past and Present ; Walter Harrison, A New and Univer-197sal History, Description and Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, The Borough of Southwark, and Their Adjacent Parts . . ., London, 1775, p. 525 and illustration facing that page).