Diary of John Quincy Adams, volume 1

Sunday 9th.

Tuesday Novr. 11th.

Monday Novr. 10th. JQA


Monday Novr. 10th. Adams, John Quincy
Monday Novr. 10th.

Went to the Covent Garden Theatre. King Henry VIII. and the Lord Mayor's day, or a flight to Lapland; with the Grand Procession. Lord Mayor's day.1


The day of the lord mayor of London's inauguration, held usually every 9 Nov., is marked with a pageant known as the Lord Mayor's Show. JQA saw Lord Mayor's Day; or, A Flight from Lapland, a speaking pantomime, originally produced in 1782, representing this show, with songs and dialogue added by John O'Keeffe. The “Grand Procession” was the afterpiece, advertised as “an Historical Procession of the Several Companies with their respective Pageants” ( Biographia Dramatica ; Hogan, ed., London Stage, 1660–1800 ).