Diary of John Quincy Adams, volume 1

Tuesday Novr. 25th. JQA


Tuesday Novr. 25th. Adams, John Quincy
Tuesday Novr. 25th.

Went to the Covent Garden Theatre, and saw the Castle of Andalusia, with the Devil upon two Sticks.1

206 1.

Castle of Andalusia, by John O'Keeffe, with music by Samuel Arnold, first performed in 1782; and Samuel Foote's highly successful comedy first produced in 1768 ( Biographia Dramatica ; Hogan, ed., London Stage, 1660–1800 ).

Wednesday Novr. 26th. JQA


Wednesday Novr. 26th. Adams, John Quincy
Wednesday Novr. 26th.

Went again to the Covent Garden Theatre, and saw the Magic Picture with the Quaker.1


The Magic Picture, London, 1783, by Henry Bate Dudley; The Quaker, London, 1777, by Charles Dibdin ( Biographia Dramatica ; DNB ).

Saturday Novr. 29th. JQA


Saturday Novr. 29th. Adams, John Quincy
Saturday Novr. 29th.

In the morning at about 9 o'clock, set out for Richmond which is 10. miles from London, and said to be the most Beautiful Spot in England, and perhaps in Europe. It is upon a hill, which Commands a vast plain in which Plain the River Thames runs winding about for a great ways in the midst of the Meadows, which even at this Time are covered with verdure.1 Returned to Town to Dine.


The purpose of the excursion, JA later recalled, was to visit former Massachusetts governor Thomas Pownall and Pennsylvania proprietor Richard Penn ( Diary and Autobiography , 3:151).

Sunday. Novr. 30th. JQA


Sunday. Novr. 30th. Adams, John Quincy
Sunday. Novr. 30th.

Dined at Mr. Bingham's.