Diary of John Quincy Adams, volume 1

210 [25th.] JQA [25th.] Adams, John Quincy

Wednesday dined at the Abbé de Chalut's.

Thursday [26th]. JQA Thursday [26th]. Adams, John Quincy
Thursday 26th.

Went to Gregson's for Watches. He was not at home.

[27th.] JQA [27th.] Adams, John Quincy

Friday dined with the Abbés at Passi.

Saturday[28th]. JQA Saturday[28th]. Adams, John Quincy

We had a large Company to dine with us.1


The company included the Abbés Arnoux, Chalut, and Mably, Benjamin Franklin, David Hartley, and John Paul Jones (AA2, Jour. and Corr. , 1:17).

[30th.] JQA [30th.] Adams, John Quincy

Monday afternoon went into Paris. Subscribed for the Journal de Paris. Drank tea with Mrs. Valnais.1


Mrs. Joseph Dupas de Iden de Valnais, née Eunice Quincy (1760–1793), daughter of Henry Quincy (1727–1780) and distant cousin of JQA. Eunice married Valnais in 1781 while he served as French consul in Boston. He was recalled to France shortly thereafter ( Descendants of Edmund Quincy, comp. Holly, p. 8; Sibley-Shipton, Harvard Graduates , 14:667–670).