Diary of John Quincy Adams, volume 1

242 29th. JQA 29th. Adams, John Quincy

Dr. Franklin's early in the morning. Coll. Humphreys breakfasted with us, and went with Mr. Adams to Versailles, where they were presented for the first time, to the new born Prince, who received them in bed: there were half a dozen ladies in the chamber. There were three beds joining each other, and in the middle one laid M: le Duc. Probably that in the night one of the Ladies sleep in each of the other beds to prevent Monseigneur from falling out. The king was exceedingly gay, and happy, and his brothers appeared so too.

30th. JQA 30th. Adams, John Quincy

Mr. Adams dined at the Spanish Ambassador's, Count d'Aranda, an old man 70 years of age, who married, last year a young woman of 20. Peace be with him!

31st. JQA 31st. Adams, John Quincy

Madame de la Fayette sent a Card1 to offer us places for the Te Deum, which is to be sung tomorrow at NĂ´tre Dame, when the king is to be present. Mr. Adams dined at Count Sarsfield's.2


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A social and intellectual friend of the Americans in Paris, Guy Claude, Comte de Sarsfield, was a French military officer of Irish extraction, who lived in Paris and traveled frequently between the Netherlands, London, and Paris, where he was often in JA's company (JA, Diary and Autobiography , 2:381).