Adams Family Correspondence, volume 1

John Adams to Abigail Adams

Mercy Otis Warren to Abigail Adams

Elizabeth Palmer to Abigail Adams, 16 July 1774 Palmer, Elizabeth Cranch, Elizabeth Palmer AA Elizabeth Palmer to Abigail Adams, 16 July 1774 Palmer, Elizabeth Cranch, Elizabeth Palmer Adams, Abigail
Elizabeth Palmer to Abigail Adams
Dear Madam Satterday evening July 15th 16 1774 1

I have this moment finished Copying The manuscript you was kind enough to Lend me, and must write a line, to beg your excuse for not Sooner returning it.2 I could not Steal the time to Copy it before, and was Loath to Lose it. I think it is a very Pretty thing; tho, (if you can excuse my Seeming arrogance, in Presuming to Criticise,) there are Some expressions in it, that Seem not quite according to the rules of good Poetry; I mean, a too frequent repetition of the Same Words; for instance, the word, woe, and woes, Comes in so often as to, in Some measure flatten the Spirrit of it, but, I am Sensible Im runing out of 138my Proper Sphere, and Shall Doubtless expose my own ignorence, Pray Pardon me, and accept my thanks for the Books, Part of which I Shall return tomorrow; My impatience Prevail'd upon me to Send on monday last, to Your office, for the other Vol's of Charles Wentworth; and expected Josey would Send it by the Return of the Chaise at night, but was disappointd; I long to have the rest of it but the fates are against me.3 Miss Nancy left us this morning; her aunt moves out of town on monday. Company is at the door So adieu.

Betsey Palmer

RC (Adams Papers); addressed: β€œTo Mrs. Adams Present.”


15 July 1774 was a Friday; the letter was probably written on Saturday, 16 July.


This MS poem has not been further identified.


The History of Charles Wentworth, Esq. In a Series of Letters, a novel in three volumes by Edward Bancroft, was published anonymously in London, 1770 (BM, Catalogue ). For JA's opinion of it see his Diary and Autobiography , 4:72–73.