Adams Family Correspondence, volume 5

John Adams to Abigail Adams

Abigail Adams 2d to Elizabeth Cranch

Charles Storer to Abigail Adams, 8 November 1782 Storer, Charles AA


Charles Storer to Abigail Adams, 8 November 1782 Storer, Charles Adams, Abigail
Charles Storer to Abigail Adams
Paris. November. 8th. 1782 1

I have taken the liberty to enclose a line to my Papa, under cover of yours; knowing it will go more expeditiously as well as safely—to your Excellency—than by itself, and presuming upon your goodness to excuse it. Let me request you to forward it to Boston as soon as may be convenient, and to accept my thanks therefor.

Permit me to congratulate you on the Event, of which Mr. A. has given you an account within. 'Tis an epocha, most favorable to our Cause, not only in America, but in Europe—and tho' Peace should not be the immediate Consequence, yet, the Circumstance abundantly gives us rank and sovreignty in the eyes of every Power on this side the water.

Mr. A. has advised your coming to Europe, upon certain Conditions—but, as he has given no directions where to apply on your arrival for advice and assistance, give me leave to mention his friends in the different ports, who will serve you with pleasure.2 At L'Orient, Mr. Barcley, our Consul, and Messrs. Cummings & Nesbit; At Nantes, Mr. Jona. Williams; at Bourdeaux, Mr. Bondfield, and Mr. Cabarrus—and at Bilboa, Gardoqui & Sons. At Amsterdam, you will have no difficulty, as you will bring an abundance of letters.3

With Respects to Miss Nabby, and other friends, in Braintree and the neighborhood, I am, Madam, Yr. humbl. servt. C.S.

RC (Adams Papers). Dupl (Adams Papers). The RC was written on the last page of JA to AA, 8 Nov. (above, see descriptive note). The Dupl contains JA's letter to AA of 8 Nov. and Storer's comments before and after that letter, all followed by a 31copy of his own letter to AA. The texts of the RC and the Dupl vary considerably (see notes 1 and 2).


The text of this letter, up to note 2, below, does not appear in the Dupl. Other material which does appear in the Dupl is quoted, in part, in note 2.


Storer's letter to AA, on the last page of the Dupl, and there dated 10 Nov., reads up to this point:

“'Sir, said I to Mr. A. today, will it not be necessary for Mrs. A. to have some direction where to apply for assistance when she arrives in Europe?' He looked at me near half a minute. 'No, not at all, says he. You don't know Mr. S. how great a personage you are connected with. As soon as it is known, in any part of Europe, that the Lady of son Excellence Mr. A. is arrived, there will be half the Town bowing and scraping, and begging the honor of serving her.' 'That may all be, Sir, but it would be as well if Mrs. A. has some proper person, to whom she might announce her arrival—would it not?' No—not at all necessary.

“However, Madam, as to mention some persons, who will with pleasure serve you, can do no harm, you will excuse me if I take the Charge upon myself. The address of the Gentlemen is as follows, viz.”


In the Dupl the last sentence of this paragraph reads: “Should you arrive at Amsterdam, you will be, in a manner, at home, as we are in the Neighborhood—and to that place, you will doubtless have an abundance of letters.”