Adams Family Correspondence, volume 5

John Adams to Abigail Adams

John Adams to Richard Cranch

John Adams to Abigail Adams 2d, 4 December 1782 JA AA2


John Adams to Abigail Adams 2d, 4 December 1782 Adams, John Adams, Abigail (daughter of JA and AA)
John Adams to Abigail Adams 2d
My dear Daughter Paris. 4th. Decemr. 17821

Your Solicitude for your Papa is charming:2 But he is afraid to trust you to the uncertain Elements, and what is infinitely more mischievous, the follies and depravities of the old world, which is quite as bad as that before the Flood. He has therefore determined to come to you, in America, next Summer, if not next Spring. Duty and Affections where due.

I am, Yr: Affectionate Father, J. Adams

RC or Dupl, in Charles Storer's hand (PU: Hugenschmidt Papers, Special Colls., Van Pelt Library).


An undated letterbook copy follows the letterbook copy of JA to AA, 4 Dec. (Adams Papers), and a virtually identical letter dated 4 Nov. is in PHi: Etting Papers. Both are in Storer's hand. Either the November or December date could be an inadvertence, but the placement of the letterbook copy points to 4 Dec. as the correct date. Moreover, JA's certainty in this letter that he will soon return to America agrees with his mood in his 4 Dec. letter to AA, but contrasts with his letter of 8 Nov. to AA, both above.


For AA2's proposal that she keep house for her father, and his initial reply, see vol. 4:344 and notes 5 and 10, and 4:383.