Adams Family Correspondence, volume 7

Elizabeth Smith Shaw to Abigail Adams

Lucy Cranch to Abigail Adams

John Adams to Isaac Smith Sr., 20 June 1786 JA Smith, Isaac Sr.


John Adams to Isaac Smith Sr., 20 June 1786 Adams, John Smith, Isaac Sr.
John Adams to Isaac Smith Sr.
Sir Grosvenor Square June 20. 1786

Yesterday I received yours of Ap. 18.1 Via Leverpool. Money may be sent to the East, to purchase Tea and other Commodities for which We now send it to London, and pay double Price. Besides Tobacco Peltries and Ginzeng, may be procured.

Our Oil might easily find a Market in almost any great Town in Europe. Nothing is wanting but to make known the superiour Qualities of our Sperma Caeti Oil, by Samples and Experiments. This Method Boylston took and Succeeded. But Indolence always sees a Lion in the Way.

If there is a third less of real Property now, in Boston than there was in 1775, what is become of it?

Some of it is banished, I suppose with the Tories, and would return if that Banishment were taken off. Some of it has been spent in a more elegant and convenient mode of living perhaps, and some say that much of it has been consumed in sloth and Idleness. If this is true Industry and Frugality may restore it.

In all Events, I am convinced, that We shall find no kind of Relief from this Country, untill We repeal all the Laws that bear hard upon the Treaty of Peace, nor Shall We then find an effectual Relief, but in Measures calculated to encourage, our own navigation Agriculture and Manufactures, the Commerce of the states with one another, and transferring our foreign Commerce from Great Britain to other Countries.

On Sunday the 11th. of this Month, Miss Adams was married to Mr William S. Smith, a Name forever to be respected in this 225Family. My Regards to all our Friends. With great Respect your most obedient

John Adams

RC (MHi: Smith-Carter Papers); addressed by WSS: “Isaac Smith Esquire Boston”; note in an unknown hand: “America Atkin's”; note in another hand “Recd & forwarded by Your Mt Obdt Carneau & Marlin”; endorsed: “London June 86 J Adams.”


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