Legal Papers of John Adams, volume 1


Editorial Note

cxix Guide to Editorial Apparatus Guide to Editorial Apparatus
Guide to Editorial Apparatus
Textual Devices

The following devices are used throughout The Adams Papers to clarify the presentation of the text.

[...], [....] One or two words missing or illegible and not conjecturable.
[...]1, [....]1 More than two words missing or illegible and not conjecturable; subjoined footnote estimates amount of matter represented by suspension points.
[ ] Number or part of a number missing or illegible. Amount of blank space inside brackets approximates the number of missing or illegible digits.
[roman] Conjectural reading for missing or illegible matter. A question mark is inserted before the closing bracket if the conjectural reading is seriously doubtful.
<italic> Matter canceled in the manuscript but restored in our text.
[italic] Editorial insertion in the text.
Adams Family Code Names

In conformity with practice elsewhere in The Adams Papers, the editors have avoided constant and confusing repetition of names of members of the Adams family throughout the annotation by using the following short but unmistakable forms for the names of those principally concerned:

First Generation
JA John Adams (1735–1826)
AA Abigail Smith (1744–1818), m. JA 1764
PBA Peter Boylston Adams (1738–1823), JA's brother
Second Generation
JQA John Quincy Adams (1767–1848), son of JA and AA
AA2 Abigail Adams (1765–1813), daughter of JA and AA
Third Generation
CFA Charles Francis Adams (1807–1886), son of JQA
Fourth Generation
BA Brooks Adams (1848–1927), son of CFA
Descriptive Symbols

The following symbols are employed throughout The Adams Papers to describe or identify in brief form the various kinds of manuscript originals.

Dft draft
FC file copy (Ordinarily a copy of a letter retained by a correspondent other than an Adams, since all three of the Adams statesmen systematically entered copies of their outgoing letters in letterbooks.)
Lb Letterbook (Used only to designate Adams letterbooks and always in combination with the short form of the writer's name and a serial number, as follows: Lb/JQA/29, i.e. the twenty-ninth volume of John Quincy Adams' Letterbooks.)
LbC letterbook copy
MS, MSS manuscript, manuscripts
RC recipient's copy
Location Symbols

Locations of documents privately owned and of documents in public institutions outside the United States are to be given in expanded or at least completely recognizable form. Locations of documents held by public institutions in the United States are to be indicated by the short, logical, and unmistakable institutional symbols used in the National Union Catalog in the Library of Congress. The following list gives the symbols and their expanded equivalents for institutions in the United States owning originals drawn upon in the Legal Papers of John Adams.

DLC Library of Congress
DNA The National Archives
M-Ar Massachusetts Archives
MB Boston Public Librarycxxi
MBAt Boston Athenaeum
MeHi Maine Historical Society
MH Harvard College Library
MH-Ar Harvard Archives
MH-BA Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration
MH-L Harvard Law School
MHi Massachusetts Historical Society
MQA Adams National Historic Site, Quincy, Massachusetts
MQHi Quincy Historical Society
MSaE Essex Institute, Salem, Massachusetts
NHi New-York Historical Society
NN New York Public Library
RPB Brown University Library, Providence, Rhode Island
VtHi Vermont Historical Society
Other Abbreviations and Conventional Terms
Manuscripts and other materials, 1639–1889, in the Adams Manuscript Trust collection given to the Massachusetts Historical Society in 1956 and enlarged by a few additions of family papers since then. Citations in the present edition refer almost always to the microfilm reel number where the manuscript may be found. Other materials in the Adams Papers editorial office, Massachusetts Historical Society. These include photoduplicated documents (normally cited by the location of the originals), photographs, correspondence, and bibliographical and other aids compiled and accumulated by the editorial staff. The corpus of the Adams Papers, 1639–1889, as published on microfilm by the Massachusetts Historical Society, 1954–1959, in 608 reels. Cited in the present work by reel number, in almost all references to the Adams Papers. The collected papers of Massachusetts Governor Francis Bernard, in volumes 4, 10, and 43 of the Sparks Manuscripts, MH. cxxii English court of Chancery. Chief Justice. English court of Common Pleas. “Notes of Cases decided in the Superiour and Supreme Judicial Courts of Massachusetts from 1772 to 1789—taken by the Honorable William Cushing one of the Judges during that period and most of the time Chief Justice.” MH-L. Records of the Governor and Council sitting as Court of Divorce. 1760–1786, in the Office of the Clerk of the Supreme Judicial Court for Suffolk County, Suffolk County Court House, Boston. English court of Exchequer. House of Lords. Hancock Papers, Baker Library, MH-BA. Massachusetts Inferior Court of Common Pleas. Justice. John Adams' office book or writ book, MQA. English court of King's Bench. Massachusetts Archives, State House, Boston. cxxiii Registry of Deeds, Middlesex County, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Minute Books of the Massachusetts Superior Court of Judicature in the Office of the Clerk of the Supreme Judicial Court, Suffolk County, Suffolk County Court House, Boston. Case numbers pre-fixed by “C” are continued actions; those prefixed by “N” are new actions. Minute Books of the Massachusetts Inferior Court of Common Pleas for Suffolk County, in the custody of the Clerk of the Massachusetts Superior Court for Civil Business, Suffolk County Court House, Boston. Nisi Prius MS diary of Robert Treat Paine, dating from 25 March 1756 to 8 May 1814, Paine Papers, MHi. MS volumes of notes on contemporary cases, Paine Papers, MHi. MS notes on the Boston Massacre trials, Paine Papers, MHi. MS collected papers of Robert Treat Paine, other than diary or law and Massacre notes, MHi. Papers of the Continental Congress. Originals in the National Archives; microfilm edition in 204 reels. Usually cited in the present work from the microfilms, but according to the original series and volume numbering devised in the State Department in the early 19th century; for example, PCC, No. 93, III, i.e. the third volume of series 93. cxxiv Public Record Office, London. English court of Queen's Bench. Plan of the scene of the Boston Massacre, supposedly drawn by Paul Revere. Chamberlain Collection, MB. Record Group. Used, with appropriate numbers, to designate the location of documents in the National Archives. Suffolk County Court House, Early Court Files and Miscellaneous Papers in the Office of the Clerk of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court for Suffolk County, Suffolk County Court House, Boston. Massachusetts Superior Court of Judicature Records, in the Office of the Clerk of the Supreme Judicial Court for Suffolk County, Suffolk County Court House, Boston. Volumes are cited by inclusive dates. Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Records, in the Office of the Clerk of the Supreme Judicial Court for Suffolk County, Suffolk County Court House, Boston. Volumes are cited by inclusive dates. Massachusetts Supreme Court of Probate and Supreme Judicial Court Probate records, in the Office of the Clerk of the Supreme Judicial Court for Suffolk County, Suffolk County Court House, Boston. Annie Haven Thwing, comp., Inhabitants and Estates of the Town of Boston, 1630–1800; typed card catalogue, with supplementary bound typescripts, MHi. Upper Bench. (The equivalent during the Commonwealth, 1649–1660, of the English court of King's Bench.) cxxv Minute Book of the Massachusetts Court of Vice Admiralty, Boston, in the Office of the Clerk of the Supreme Judicial Court for Suffolk County, Suffolk County Court House, Boston. Records of the Massachusetts Court of Vice Admiralty, 3 vols., 1718–1745, in the Office of the Clerk of the Supreme Judicial Court for Suffolk County, Suffolk County Court House, Boston. William Wetmore, Reports on Essex County Legal Cases, 1771–1778, Adams Papers, Microfilms, Reel No. 184, MHi.
Short Titles of Works Frequently Cited
A. Form of Citation

In general, the guide to citation form has been A Uniform System of Citation (Cambridge, Mass., 10th edn. 1958), with certain modifications in the interests of harmony with other volumes in The Adams Papers. Principal among the modifications are:

(1) Typography. Titles of books and periodicals are in italics; titles of articles are in roman, enclosed in quotation marks; titles of unpublished works, e.g. dissertations, are in roman without quotation marks.

(2) Short and full titles. All English and American law reports are cited by one of the common abbreviations listed in Black's Law Dictionary. To avoid the baroque verbiage of the early English law printers, the expanded titles for the several English reports are taken verbatim from Sweet and Maxwell, Legal Bibliography. Other books and periodicals frequently cited have generally been assigned short titles. Abbreviations of reports, and short titles, are listed below under “C. Other Works.” When any law report or short—titled work is cited, standard legal citation form is usually followed; volume number preceding author's last name or the short title; page number following title without punctuation. Works not cited often enough to merit a standard short—title form are cited in nonlegal form: author's complete name and the work's full title, followed by volume and page numbers cxxviand place and date of publication. When such a work is cited again within the same Legal Papers case, it is there given a short title and standard legal form is followed.

(3) Latin forms. Most Latin forms, such as supra and infra, have been replaced by English equivalents.

B. Statutes

English statutes are cited by regnal year, chapter and section if appropriate, and year of enactment. For example, 28 Hen. 8, c. 15,§2 (1536). Unless otherwise indicated, the text of 18th-century statutes quoted or referred to is that found in The Statutes at Large (Cambridge, Danby Pickering, ed., 46 vols., 1762–1807). More recent acts are cited from official session-law volumes.

Massachusetts provincial statutes are cited by date of enactment, and chapter and section if applicable. Unless otherwise indicated, the text quoted or referred to is that found in The Acts and Resolves, Public and Private, of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay (Boston, ed. Ellis Ames, Abner C. Goodell, et al., 21 vols., 1869–1922), abbreviated A&R. For example, Act of 9 June 1693, c. 3, §8, 1 A&R 117.

Other statutes are cited in accordance with the principles of A Uniform System of Citation. Abbreviations appear immediately below.

C. Other Works See “B. Statutes,” immediately above. American Law Reports Annotated, Rochester, N.Y., 1919– . Acts of the Privy Council of England. Colonial Series, 1613–1783. W. L. Grant, James Munro, eds., Hereford, 1909–1912; 6 vols. Annual Massachusetts session-law volumes, Boston, 1839 to date. Randolph G. Adams, New Light on the Boston Massacre, Worcester, Mass., 1938. Adams Family Correspondence, ed. L.H. Butterfield and others, Cambridge, Mass., 1963– . cxxvii Thomas R. Adams, “American Independence: The Growth of an Idea. A Bibliographical Study of the American Political Pamphlets Published between 1764 and 1766 ... ,” Colonial Society of Massachusetts, Publications, vol. 43 (in press). A pre-print of this bibliography was published by Brown University Press in 1965. American Historical Review. Cyrus Alden, An Abridgment of Law, with Practical Forms, in Two Parts. Part I. 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