Legal Papers of John Adams, volume 1

Adams' Minutes of the Trial

Adams' Notes of Authorities

Paine’s Minutes of the Argument<a xmlns="" href="#LJA01d031n1" class="note" id="LJA01d031n1a">1</a>: Barnstable Inferior Court, April 1767 Paine, Robert Treat Paine’s Minutes of the Argument: Barnstable Inferior Court, April 1767 Paine, Robert Treat
Paine's Minutes of the Argument1
Barnstable Inferior Court, April 1767


It may be part of a great plan to get Representation over that Paper.

It is true he made the Story for he drew it up.

Plaintiff put in memorial to cross Col. Cotton.2

The Committee had no business to sign said Certificate.

The design of the Paper was to fix a Lye upon Nye and was a parlimentary paper.

“A lying Paper,” no Slander.


This was not Forgery. 485 Bac. 4.3 HPC 1854

The House of Representatives would have votd he was crazy. Cotton's Character is not so imaculate.


Paine Law Notes, Barnstable Inferior Court, April 1767. A portion of Paine's minute has been omitted because of its similarity to JA's (Doc. II). See note 15 3 above.


The sentence is clear in the MS, but makes no sense as it stands because Cotton was the plaintiff and had submitted the memorial.


See note 27 2 below.


See note 40 15 below.